Strategic Marketing Solutions Consultants 

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Plan & Build

We listen, take note of your needs, help you establish goals, and then craft a strategic marketing plan for your success.



We help you implement and execute your strategic marketing plan and manage your ongoing marketing projects.



We keep track and report on your progress, providing valued ongoing support with our Marketing Director on Call service.

Meet the Founder Dylan Miller

Dylan Miller

With over 20 years experience working within corporate firms and on his own business.

Dylan and his team has a broad base of knowledge and expertise that enables him to help companies improve their performance, while developing future-proof plans for expansion, fortification and business growth.

Dylan's passion for strategic marketing, market research, branding, digital marketing and operations has enabled Strategise to grow nationally and in Africa within 3 years.

What Does the Future Hold for Us?

The next Industrial Revolution is happening right now, Capitalism is crumbling as we speak, the three pillars supporting Capitalism are; Power, Transportation and Communication.

Every business requires these three things, with sustainable green energy becoming more affordable, Uber and flying drones are changing the way we transport products from point A to Point B, consumers not only consume but give back by renting out their assets for revenue. The world's first $2.00 Smartphone is being released shortly which will aid another 4bn people to connect to the internet by 2020. We are entering a new era, the Digital Revolution. Is your business ready ?

Who Does Strategise Service?

Strategise is primarily a Marketing Consultancy firm, based in Cape Town and now represented in Sandton, we service clients across South Africa and Africa. We partner with you providing actionable insights through process-driven solutions. The rest of the story is about our values, our passion, and our way of doing business—intangibles that can't be financially measured or modelled but indeed they make the difference.

Types of clients we serve:

  • Large multinational firms

  • Mid-sized companies

  • Family owned businesses

  • Small start-ups

What unifies out clients

  • They all think and act like owners

  • They are not satisfied with the status quo

  • They want a challenge

  • They want a personal trainer to push them hard

They all tend to be ambitious business leaders, striving towards ‘greatness’
— Dylan Miller

Strategise looks at your business from the top down. Starting by asking the right questions, and then we drill deep down to unveil the real solutions. Not settling for 'off-the-shelf solutions', but our recommendations are highly customised.

Strategise will help you decide where to go, and how to get there and make sure the right decisions get translated quickly into action and that your customer's team can sustain the momentum into the future.