Corporate marketing consultants

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Is this service for you? 

  • Are you a corporate affected by the 4th industrial revolution and need to break away from your comfort zone?

  • Have specific problems which can’t be solved internally?

  • Do you need a senior marketer to assist your marketing department on a marketing project?

  • Do you require a strategic marketing workshop to strategise your next marketing strategy?

  • Are you creating projects involving marketing automation and artificial intelligence and require market research to compete in the 4th digital revolution?

  • Do you need a directive coach to push your team further forward?

  • Do you need us to highlight opportunities and share best practices with you?

  • Do you want to create inertia, excitement, seamlessly link sales, marketing and service?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this is for you.

How will this corporate marketing service help your business?

Well frankly, we’re independent, independent from all your internal bias, we’re bold critical thinkers which have had the benefit of working for many other corporate’s, therefore we are your ideal source for NEW BLOOD! NEW THINKING! NEW STRATEGY! NEW WAYS! We’re not affected by the corridor talks which have eroded your ability to approach the progressively world we operate within, with a fresh approach. [directive honesty, we get you]

Whether your corporate business is requiring long-term or short-term assistance our senior marketing expertise has the capability of grasping your business quickly, and solve your problems affecting your ability to grow. Our Corporate Package will give you access to valuable strategic marketing proprietary knowledge which will compliment your existing departments and look through the lens with a fresh perspective.

Marketing consulting

  • Revive your marketing activity

  • Drive new product launches

  • Develop global marketing strategies

  • Create lead generation strategies

  • Alliance / channel partner marketing activities

  • Implement inbound marketing

  • Competitor research

  • Market research and surveys

  • Communication programs

  • Advertising campaigns

  • Brand management

  • Point-of-sale projects

Management consulting

  • Employee incentive programs

  • Employee change management - connecting employees and customers

  • Create departmental KPI metrics

  • Implement CRM systems

  • Keynote speaking on disruption and innovation

Sales consulting

  • Sales management training programs

  • Creating sales pitches

  • Developing national account management programs

Marketing packages