Nowaday's consumers are challenged with "information overload". Imagine the thousands of messages one is exposed to in a day, how do you ensure your marketing messages are being heard through all the noise? 

Our experience brings the drive and creativity with the expertise of seasoned marketing and branding professionals, which results in a new outlook on branding, marketing communications and marketing strategy.

Branding and communications

Your brand identity is how consumers see you; the essence is your brand personality which consumers connect with, and it can be influenced by a variety of marketing communication channels or as we call them "vehicles of communication". Through a comprehensive marketing communications audit, we will evaluate the consistency of your brand messaging and examine how well your messaging aligns with your organisational goals. With the results, we’ll work with you to refresh your brand strategy so you can connect effectively with your target audience.

Digital marketing

It's the 20th Century, and your business needs to build and maintain a strong online presence. Choosing the most effective digital marketing channels to connect with your customers and manage social media campaigns to drive visitors to your website, this is we call "inbound marketing" which are marketing efforts to channel more visitors to your website. Moving beyond campaign management, we will track and report on key metrics, monitor performance and tweak your campaigns to maximise your digital ROI.

go-to-market strategy

If you are launching new products or introducing an existing product to new markets, you need a strategy and direct marketing tactics to make it stick in the minds of your customers. Strategise understands that your strategic business units (SBU) sales, marketing and product management functions are interconnected and do not operate alone. We'll work together to develop integrated go-to-market strategies which include market research, marketing tactics and lead generation techniques to establish a strong position in your market.

marketing planning

We will segment your target market and develop customer personas that exhibit the essential characteristics of your core customers.  From there, we will work together to create a comprehensive marketing plan which aligns with the elements of your marketing mix and your unique selling proposition (USP).

direct marketing tools for growth

Last but not least is direct marketing, what is direct marketing? Essentially direct marketing is about making direct contact with new and existing customers, in order to promote products and services. Direct marketing can be highly influencial, cost effective and a powerful tool at generating sales and business leads or for project business, and is a great vehicle for small businesses to achieve success and reach their customers directly on a 1-to-1 basis. 

Traditional direct marketing methods consist of, but not limited to:

  • Email marketing or email campaigning.
  • Telemarketing.
  • Mobile SMS marketing.
  • leafleting or mail drops to your customer.

why use direct marketing?

You generate a response from targeted customers. As a result, small businesses can focus their limited marketing resources or funds where they are most likely to get results.

A direct marketing campaign with a clear call to action can boost sales to existing customers, increase loyalty, generate new business while engaging. Direct marketing can be evaluated and measured precisely. Example, you can send out marketing emails directing customers to specific landing pages on your website, then evaluate the statistical results to see which email was most successful from your email marketing campaign hub.

Whether you are targeting business (b2b) customers or consumers, direct marketing can deliver results. Choosing the right communication method is vital. Businesses can be more receptive to receiving sales calls than consumers, and the golden rule is research and know your customer. For example: Email campaigning requires specific, targeted information aimed at creating action through the call to action button.

With any direct marketing email campaign, your data base is critical, keep it up to date and accurate as it is at the heart of your direct marketing strategy. Your data will highlight buying habits, age, gender and location. You can use this data to divide your customers and prospects into smaller groups and target them with special messages. You can build better customer profiles and actively seek new contacts matching the description by buying or renting new lists. Direct marketing works because it puts your message in front of people. Beware you need to have a sound communication strategy thought through, in order for any direct marketing campaign to work for you. This is why Direct marketing is after branding and communications on this page, the golden thread of marketing must be thought of and executed across your brand before direct marketing is considered as a viable tool for your product or brand promotion.

innovative sales solutions

Strategise is experienced in developing innovative point of sale solutions, systems and displays used to communicate products effectively to increase sales, market expansion and profitability in some of South Africa's toughest retail environments. The trick is no secret, just sound research and understanding the problem from the end user, retailer and distributor's perspective and then fusing innovation, differentiation and simplicity together to achieve ROI from direct marketing efforts.