A workshop specifically for business owners who want to improve their digital marketing, ideal for businesses who are looking to review their website and develop an online marketing strategy to turn their website into a marketing engine

This workshop includes:

  • 1 hour of workshop preparation (based on our online marketing pre-workshop questionnaire)
  • 4 hours face to face to with you
  • 1 hour post-workshop consulting, developing outcomes into an online marketing plan
  • Profiling Target Markets, use online behaviour to better understand your target market

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Digital marketing predictions

What are the changes to your digital/social marketing?

Targeting will become more precise as data sets and machine learning continue to develop, which will make digital advertising more cost-effective and influence more brands to go digital-only in their advertising. Content will also become more immersive, as video grows in popularity. Big brands will begin to produce consistent and high-quality live video.

How will brands tie social/digital to business results?

Brands will look deeper into the two ends of their marketing funnel and how social can influence these elements, namely; Cost-of-acquisition and retention or lifetime value will become stronger indicators of social media marketing success, as they tie together to two of the most important business objectives.

What is the #1 thing brands can do to take social media out of the silo?

Bring social into the marketing content creation discussion and think about how marketing content can be utilised across different channels, as opposed to creating content and then adapting it to fit social media.

Content editorial. Executives soon will see the storytelling potential in platforms—Snapchat and Facebook Live are today’s two best examples—it becomes easier to think about platform strategy and investment from the very beginning of the production process. Hence the 6 STEPPS I discussed on my strategy page are critical going forward. Lastly, find social/digital ambassadors in other teams/departments to improve your social content and engagement strategy.

What is your digital/social marketing prediction?

Non-profit media will face incredible challenges to narrow their focus in 2017. The emphasis for so long as been on reaching the most people and measuring impact by the scale of those consuming the content. As media consumers shift behind 1-1 platforms like Messenger and Snapchat, we must start to rethink how we measure impact – and place a higher emphasis on the individual user.

How will brands tie social/digital to business results?

Since platforms introduce direct conversion features, it is getting much easier to tie social efforts to business results. From a public media membership standpoint, “Donate” buttons are either here or soon to be accessible on our social platforms, and the partnerships major platforms like Facebook are working with third party verification companies like Nielsen are making it easier to prove the value for social visibility for sponsors.

Digital marketing audit service

  • Website review
  • Online monitoring (Google Analytics review)
  • Online advertising review (e.g. pay per click)
  • Social media review
  • Email marketing review
  • Search Engine Optimisation review
  • Mobile commerce/marketing opportunities
  • Set-up Measurement and Reporting Mechanisms

Beyond our marketing workshops

Whichever marketing workshop you decide is best for your business, and knowing that then implementing your marketing plan consistently by someone experienced gets results.