Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does it take to get marketing results?

Generally with outsourced marketing there are three stages to successful marketing:

Stage 1 - Timing 3-4 Weeks, typically involves doing research and spending time with you to understand your business, customers and how the brand shoud be positioned and identify core objectives.
Stage 2 - Timing 1-2 weeks, Spending time investigating various marketing tactics and recommending which one's we should focus on based on your resources.
Stage 3 - Timing 2-3 weeks, Implementing tactics which depends on you as we need to get approvals for marketing materials and expenditure. Typically you could expect to see results from your new marketing approach 6 months from engaging with us, however it is dependent on your business type, market forces and buy-in from your stakeholders.

Can we get our marketing strategy done quicker?

Yes you can, as a alternative to undergoing market research you can combine stages 1 and 2 by undergoing a 1 day marketing strategy workshop, which could see you getting results 3 months from engaging.

What if I do not reside in your city or country?

Not a problem at all, we work in the digital age, therefore, we can conduct your research via Skype, email and telephonic communication, depending on how much customisation you would like, your timing may vary

Do you use marketing strategy templates?

No we do not, we believe business deserves a good, comprehensive strategic approach. Being thorough means your strategy has the best chance of success. Every business is different, so how can one use a standard template for all businesses!

How flexible is a strategic marketing plan?

You are the client, we can add in as much as you would like, I do recommend keeping your strategy simple enough for your strategic business units and staff to implement it.

What are the various types of strategic plans on offer?

We offer a comprehensive Strategic Marketing Plan, Marketing Communication Strategy, Buzz Six Word of Mouth Marketing Strategy for starters, these can be individually tackled or what I like doing is ensuring your comprehensive strategy covers all of the above.

What is the Buzz Six Viral/ Word-Of-Mouth Strategy?

A strategy we have come up with which includes the work of Jonah Berger's 6 contagious principles, this is a powerful formula to ensure an advertising campaign, product, idea or safety message will stick in the minds of your target audience. We use this to test your existing campaign or integrate the principles into your marketing strategy.

What do you do other than marketing strategy?

Imagine a Senior Marketing Manager, that's us. We offer Marketing across a broad spectrum of services, managing your new product launch, research for the launch, implementation of the launch campaign, ensure graphic design meets your objectives, copywriting and the list goes on....

Do you have a marketing niche?

Yes we do, we have extensive experience in B2B retail, we have over the years built innovative point of sale systems for brands, while working in collaboration with leading point of sale fabricators in order to successfully differentiate brands on the shelf from competitors.

Where do you operate from?

We operate form Cape Town South Africa, with many clients only a flight away in Gauteng, we also service small and medium sized business clients internationally.