Email Marketing Strategy Template Pack

Email marketing template cover.jpg
Email marketing template cover.jpg

Email Marketing Strategy Template Pack


Email marketing remains one of the most important channels of marketing. But it is extremely difficult to reach customers with clogged up email inboxes.

A marketer has to have a compelling and clear offer to send via this channel. Saying this it is a highly measurable marketing tool and it is worth investing in long-term.

Use this template to develop your email marketing strategy which will have a real impact in converting leads, this template gains you valuable insight in:

  • Email service providers
  • Preferences and unsubscribes
  • Email automation
  • Email message strategy
  • Reporting
  • Timing
  • Bonus word document included

What is included in the document:

  • Define Email Marketing Project
  • Set Goals
  • Lead Generation and Sales Cycle Analysis
  • Your List
  • Collecting Data at the Right Time
  • Plan for a Growing Email List
  • Organise by Department or Group
  • Plan for Content
  • 6 STEPPS
  • Bottom Line
  • Monthly planner
  • Weekly planner

Included in this offer

  • 3-page email marketing template process
  • 18-page editable word document on how to create an email marketing strategy
  • Use this editable template, just fill in the blanks throughout the document and it's tables