Buyer Personas template

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Buyer Personas template


Right, you are getting stuck with identifying your buyer persona? This document works best with a brand and marketing strategy.  

Use this template to create effective and targeted buyer personas for your marketing and sales teams.


What are Buyer Personas?

Buyer personas are representations of your ideal customers. This is a very effective way to understand your the specific customer profile of your key customer groups and their key:

  • Characteristics
  • Behaviours
  • Attitudes
  • Customer needs
  • Value drivers
  • Motivations
  • Concerns and pain points

By understanding these key elements, a marketer will be able to deliver effective and targeted messages which drive an increase in sales conversions across all channels. This template is aimed at making the process much easier.

Template Benefits:

This template will assist you in creating your buyer persona profile, making the process clearer, much more effective and easier with our guidance in:

  1. Persona names
  2. Company profile
  3. Person profile
  4. The elevator sales pitch

Included in this offer

Included in the offer is a easy to follow 3-page template to uncover your buyer personas.