business to business market research




Consumers’ needs change, markets shift, and your competitors are adapting. It’s time for you to change too. Whether you’re a multinational corporation, a single storefront or an entrepreneur, data is not enough. When building actionable strategies, one needs insights extracted from data. We compile the data for you, but we also analyse the findings and develop recommendations that will allow you to understand your customers and your market better.

Consumer insights research

Our business consulting approach uses primary research methods such as interviews and online surveys to discover attitudes and influences of your client's or end users. We also leverage information from consumer reports, journals and other secondary sources providing a comprehensive understanding of your customers and your market environment.

Market intelligence as a growth agent (aka industry analysis)

Our consulting performs detailed analysis of your market and of your economic, social, political and technological trends (PESTAL Analysis) that are affecting your industry. We pinpoint opportunities for your business to pursue and threats that should be addressed across your market. With these findings, your business will have the knowledge to change to the changing market forces affecting your business.

A customised market intelligence approach is designed to meet your unique needs and can include:

  • B2B retail store visits and product checks on shelf
  • Price point evaluation
  • Competitor research
  • Customer interviews 
  • Interviews with suppliers, trade associations, regulatory bodies and industry experts
  • Collating information observed by sales teams, account managers and other staff members
  • Company website analysis of competitors, trade associations and other identified sources

Competitor intelligence identifies differentiation

lets start with defining competitive intelligence. Competitive intelligence is the process of defining, gathering, analysing, and distributing intelligence about your products, competitors, customers or any part of your business environment for the purpose of your supporting your managers and executives needing to make strategic decisions. Here we focus on your competitors but not limited to just competitors.

You know who your competitors are. However, you need insights to develop better strategies for differentiation. Using benchmarking analysis techniques, we evaluate your direct and indirect competitors to determine the core features that differentiate your product offering and services from others. We work with you to locate the "strategic sweet spot" that will separate your business from the competition and maximise your potential for success.

Competitor intelligence and market intelligence research is designed to help your organisation establish a foothold in your market, and or increase its market share in a market. Market research therefore helps to ensure that when you make decision for your business, you make the right one.

digital marketing audit as a growth tool

If you’ve been stuck trying to find ways to increase the conversion of website visitors to sales or leads, then an online marketing audit is for you. As part of my marketing audit, I will examine your online business and review your stats to identify ways that you can increase your conversion. We will discuss your funnel, conduct research and prepare a written report detailing recommendations and strategies to improve your online conversion. 

A marketing audit is without a doubt one of the simpler things you can do to identify immediate opportunities for growth. We have worked with many businesses across a variety of industries and as such have seen a variety of strategies that work for a variety of different climates. Furthermore, We know why these strategies work and as such you can take out some of the trial and error and implement strategies that will have immediate, measurable effects on your conversion.