top marketing strategies for small and medium businesses

We create and implement strategic marketing plans for small and medium businesses, and will take care of your marketing needs by acting as an extension of your marketing department with our Marketing Director on Call service, or we will help you where you need our assistance the most. 

If you answer any of these questions "yes"? 

  1. Do you continually compete based on price? Is there little differentiation between your business from your competitors?
  2. Are you continually changing your marketing approach without any real strategy?
  3. Do you find it difficult to track your return on investment (ROI) of your marketing efforts?
  4. Are you struggling to generate new leads  or convert leads to loyal customers?
  5. If you are not satisfied with your digital presence e.g, your website, search engine optimisation (SEO), social media, digital advertising campaigns, email marketing campaigns and content marketing efforts. Are you lacking in some of these areas?
  6. Do you have a sound content marketing strategy funnel to attract customers? 
  7. Do you know if your business has viral marketing capability?

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Marketing Consultancy with a purpose

Strategise is a strategic marketing consultancy firm, essentially a marketing consultant and strategist based in Cape Town, which provides business owners and entrepreneurs with advise, guidance and execution of marketing strategy planning and execution market research and marketing support. Combined with a passion for marketing communication and dedication which makes a unique resource for business owners and entrepreneurs.

Small business is born from passionate people with a unique idea and incredible drive to succeed. Entrepreneurs love what they do and want the world to know about it, and these are the people Strategise serves.

The common challenges that a small business owner faces is the lack of resources (time, cash, and knowledge). Strategise marketing consultant can assist you in building your marketing buzz about an idea to have customers lined up before the doors even open.

Our goal is to provide exceptional business consulting and marketing consulting for entrepreneurs and business owners to attract a following of passionate patrons with strategic marketing being your key to success. 

Every business is unique in the way they operate and how they attract their ideal customers with their unique entrepreneurial culture. That's why we customise and personalise our strategic business approach with every client.

Expect to feel empowered, inspired, and confident that you have the tools needed to reach your audience to grow your business. Together we will set goals and create action plans that will include easy-to-execute marketing activities and strategies that you can implement with the resources you own right now.

our marketing consulting area of expertise


If you are struggling to achieve your marketing goals? Call us to investigate, research and revisit your strategic marketing approach and we will advise, guide and implement solutions in effective ways to market your business and provide flexible hourly or retainer rates to review your strategy, advertising, branding and marketing tactics. Talk to us about the lean business model.

Marketing STRATEGY

No marketing is effective without a comprehensive strategic marketing strategy. Our experience of creating strategies and plans for a broad range of industries, focusing on the best marketing elements and messages that achieve the company's short and long term goals. We use a innovative strategic approach which enables us to uncover your inner remark-ability of your company, brand, product and idea. 


DIGITAL Marketing

We have entered into the digital revolution. From traditional advertising to inbound marketing, digital marketing is a cost-effective vehicle to market your company in. We specialise in website development, crafting websites which meet the needs of your marketing objectives. Unlike web designers we focus on the marketing element within the website. 



This is our area of expertise we have years of experience in positioning distributors in our retail space and have created innovative marketing point of sale solutions to meet and exceed your customers needs. 



Part of our integrated service is advertising, media buying and media planning. We develop advertising campaigns from scratch, with your goals in mind and implement our creative across print and digital marketing media. The objective is to pull the 'golden thread' across your business to maximise effectiveness. We like to run campaigns through a rigorous STEPPS and communication strategy, ensuring it will catch on.



Insightful and in-depth, our research entails research for consumer insights, industry analysis data, competitive knowledge and digital marketing audits. Whatever you require, we have a solution for you. 


Our main strategic marketing services under these categories:


We'll work together to define your goals and then create a customised strategic marketing plan, with a action plan to help you move forward. Part of our service is creating viral marketing strategies for brands or idea's to catch on.

It's a great tool to test your existing campaign's market appeal.


Are you a business owner or an entrepreneur? Do you have questions about your consumer insight, competitive knowledge and industry analysis? 

Our Research will give you the insights you will need to make smarter, business decisions in order to set a clear direction to grow.


We'll bring a fresh outlook to your marketing, starting with a marketing plan and then implementing campaign's which are targeted and effective with the resources you have right now.

Think Branding, Advertising Campaigns, Corporate Identity, think of us as your Marketing Director on Call.



— Dylan Miller