How systems and technology makes your business more human?

I love technology. Without it, my business would be in such a different place than it is right now. However, over-reliance on technology could be a trap that puts you out of touch with your customers and could prevent you from building relationships that will help you get better at what you do and help you build a stronger network and business community. Remember we are living the digital revolution which I have discussed before, we are moving forward at a fast pace and artificial intelligence is creeping into business systems, and you guessed it sales and marketing too.

To set you and your business up for success, and make sure you don’t fall victim to technology’s downfalls, you’ll need the following traits:

1. Systems to manage technology

Business systems allow your business to run without you. I cannot emphasise enough how important systems are for your organisation. Putting systems into place help you gain more clarity, more control, more confidence and more customers for your business. When you develop systems, start with the outcome in mind and work backwards from there.

Many businesses don’t make system development a priority which is a mistake. Putting systems in place will allow your organization to be more:

Efficient Effective Agile Consistent Document your systems and continue to test them overtime to perfect your processes. When you manage the systems, you can focus on the human side of your company, which will help to establish an emotional connection with your audience, and the more an audience feels emotionally connected with you, the more likely they’ll be willing to buy from you.

2. Humans to manage the impersonal side of technology

One of the greatest things about technology is that it can make us more efficient, however, it can also allow us to automate interactions. When we get so good at delivering our customer interactions, without any actual human interaction, we start to lose valuable relationships with people, which is not OK and not good for your business.

To ensure this doesn’t happen, let your systems manage your technology and basic interactions so that you can focus on the human connections that matter. Forgot how to do that? Here are a few tips to not only reignite the human connections but grow your business as well.

Interact with your peers and customers

I love the idea of community (if you want a good book recommendation about community, I recommend Tribe, On homecoming and belonging by Sebastian Junger).

Let’s face it, while the digital age can keep people connected, nothing replaces the value of meeting people face to face. Talk to your customers, meet with strategic partners, and become a mentor. It’s amazing how beneficial this is for yourself and your business.

Additionally, the more you interact with others, the more likely you are to build up your referral network, which as many knows, can be extremely valuable in growing your business.

Another way I like to establish the great way for you to build trust and rapport with them, while also showing what a great job you did for their business.

What’s my favorite reason to establish a human connection you may ask? Just because. Going out of your way to be human with your peers and customers is often not forgotten and will go along way in establishing a reputation within your industry.

Get out of the office

Even if you don’t meet with another person, it’s important to step away from your computer and completely disconnect from technology. Stepping outside of my office walls often leads to my most genius ideas and gives me room to think creatively and strategically. Changing your location can give you new insights that are often difficult to come by in your office chair. Remember being office bound means hearing the same ethos or topics being discussed, being away from it all gives you perspective on what matters best.

Systems make your business more human because it gives you time to be human. While B2B and B2C certainly aren’t things of the past, it’s time for businesses to make room for H2H, or human-to-human connections. To get to H2H faster, get your systems in place, and enjoy the smooth sailing from there.