How To Create Content For A Great Blog

Most business blogs start with a purpose. What are you trying to educate your industry and potential customers about?

This education is not about your product. It’s about common industry issues, the problems your potential customers face and, sometimes, the solutions your product or service offers to tackle these challenges.

A great way to start blogging is to answer the ten most common questions you get asked by prospective new customers (FAQs). Do this once a week for ten weeks and you have the foundations of a successful blog.

Once those the ten weeks are over, check out your blogging analytics to see which articles resonated the most with your audience. If two or three of the posts received a signinicantly higher number of views and inbound links, try to expand on the topics. Consider interviewing a coworker to reveal their thoughts on the subject. Remember to let your expertise and passion shine through your blog content.

Key elements are:

•Compelling title - A blog post’s title is the first thing people will see, so it should clearly indicate what the article is about. Clarity and specificity, attract readers and prmote them to share the post with their networks.

•Well-written and formatted text - The body of your post should be well-written and formatted in a way that makes it easy to read. Consider using header tags and bullet points to break up the content into sections. Ask a coworker or a friend to review the post before you publish.

•Multimedia content - Relevant multimedia content can make a blog post more memorable and fun to read. It also helps to break up the text to make it more pleasing to the eye. Aim to add at least one relevant image per blog post. Slideshow presentations, video, and inforaphics are examples of other multimedia content you can feature.

•Links - Include in-text links to relevant content, thus helping readers dig deeper into the resources they are most interested in. Your links can, naturally, point to your own internal pages and landing pages to help you generate more leads from your content.

•Call-to-Action - Each and every blog post you publish should include a relevant call-to-action in the article to help boost lead generation.

Generating Leads With Blogging:

Business blogging presents a fantastic platform for attracting organic traffic and engaging with your audience. However, the primary goal of your business blog should be to drive conversions. To achieve this goal, add calls-to-action to your posts and have them link to landing pages that provide downloadable access to more in-depth learning materials, such as ebooks or webinars. Make sure to include call to actions both in the sidebar of your blog as well as on every individual post you publish. In addition to image/button call to actions, you can also include text Call to actions within the body of your blog content, please note when you blog on a mobile device (like me) you will you will have limited blogging functionality. My recommendations will definantly apply to the office.