What is your culture code?

Well, what is the culture code? We are talking about the things which make better decisions, retain staff and attract top employees and how it really impacts on your sales and marketing departments, and later on, more specifically it impacts on your Inbound Marketing Philosophy. Obviously, culture is deeply ingrained into our business every day.

We all know that organisational culture is important, many businesses overlook the significance of their culture. let's face it, we are always chasing targets and fighting competitors while staying afloat. Meanwhile, the 4th industrial revolution of technological progress is moving at lightspeed. Many businesses are getting left behind.

If we adopt the KISS principle 'keep it simple stupid' then concentrate on culture which impacts positively on your sales output - That simple!


Culture is to recruiting as a product is to marketing. The interest rate on culture debt is high, much higher than financial debt or technology debt. Whether we plan it or not, a culture will happen so why not create a culture we love? By the way, if you want to pursue an INBOUND MARKETING PHILOSOPHY, you need a good culture or, AFFECTS YOUR BOTTOM LINE.

Let’s make the company we always dreamed of. Let’s create a company that will be a great place to work for.
— Dylan Miller

In the past to current people have DRAMATICALLY changed but many organisations operate as if they are frozen in time. They operate as if money is what matters most, as if the internet hasn't been invented yet and that people should be happy they have a job.

  1. Focus in the past PENSION and now it is PURPOSE.

  2. Need in the past was a GOOD BOSS and now GREAT COLLEAGUES.

  3. Hours in the past we worked from 9 - 5 and now it is WHENEVER.

  4. Workplace in the past was in THE OFFICE and now it is WHEREVER.

  5. Tenure in the past was our WHOLE CAREER and now it is WHATEVER.

Customers are more easily attracted to a great product. Amazing people are more easily attracted with a great culture.
— HubSpot
Culture code framework

What to have

You should have a culture in written form so you can communicate it out to people. Managers remember YOU can always start by building a culture code for your individual team too. So, Marketers, there is no excuse. We can do this! Culture is not something you are—it’s something you do. The Culture Code puts the power in your hands.


A good culture code example

A good culture code example


Tip 1

This is critical, delighting customers is key to your overall sales and marketing and to a clear and successful Inbound Marketing foundation performed by your marketing department.

Metrics over mission

Tip 2

WAIT. Does “Solve For The Customer” mean just giving more away for free? Wouldn’t that delight customers?

HELL TO THE NO. To delight customers in the long-term, we have to survive in the short-term.

Because… BANKRUPT COMPANIES don't delight their customers.

Solve for the customer

Tip 3


Make information available to everyone in the company. Be radically and uncomfortably transparent.

Then embark on a supreme content marketing strategy to educate and delight your customers. The intent behind transparency is to drive SMARTER behaviour and BETTER decisions.

Share knowledge with content marketing

Share knowledge with content marketing

Tip 4

IN THE PAST - Organisations tried to prevent mistakes with policies and procedures.

NOWADAYS - We trust ourselves and our teams.

Protect yourself against the big stuff and.....

USE GOOD JUDGMENT -This should be the main policy your teams follow.

  • Team > Self: Favour your team’s interest over your own.

  • Company > Team: Favour the company’s interest over your team.

  • Customer > Company: Favor the customer’s interest over the company.

Have autonomy

Have autonomy

Now use good judgment should look like this.......Results matter more than the hours we all should work, or where we produce them, or how much vacation time we take. Trust your leaders will use good judgment when guiding their teams. Try and create an environment where people do want to go to work. Influence should be independent of hierarchy. Managers should exist to help individuals make magic.

Your company culture will help all your teams align TOGETHER and with a inbound marketing philosophy your sales will THRIVE.
— Dylan Miller