Why must I develop a marketing plan?

Developing a marketing plan is a must for every business owner, it ensures you that your business and marketing objectives are aligned, via your business goals and strategy. It also formalises your business ideas, concepts and keeps you focused while establishing tasks and timelines through your key timelines which is used by you and your employees to work towards. These could be your new key performance indicators for your employee and business unit performance measurement system.

If you are a start-up business, this document will assist you with obtaining finance, as it illustrates your clear direction going forward and that you are prepared to make your business succeed.

Once you have established your business base and have placed substantial thought into considerable thought into your business environment in which you operate within, it is essential to ensure you meet and/or exceed your target market's needs and determining your performance of your products and services, which meet the needs of these markets. You will now have the tools to determine how you are going to 'market these products' and drill down into an achievable actionable plan.

Marketing plans are for all businesses

A common myth is that marketing plans are only for large businesses, in fact, any business will not survive without a strategised plan. To attract and retain customers, your business needs to understand the value of marketing and use it well. Nowadays many small to medium sized businesses do not invest enough time in marketing. Tese businesses often see it a s something that required large budgets with big budget advertising campaigns, however, there is much more to marketing than advertising and sales after all the sales element is simply a function of marketing as a whole.

Here's how you will benefit from a better plan:

  • A marketing plan helps you to find out what differentiates your business.
  • A focused marketing plan will keep you up with trends.
  • Increase your return on investment (ROI), and lower your cost per lead (CPL).
  • A marketing plan is a strategic business document and no business plan should be written without one.
  • A marketing plan gives you control of your business and targeted positioning.
  • A marketing plan tells you what elements are most important to communicate in order to attract and retain customers.
  • A marketing plan will get your direct and digital marketing in sync with one another.
  • Provides you with a business progress benchmark and feedback for continuous improvement.

You do not need to be a jack of all trades or start with a blank piece of paper, a Strategise marketing plan is a strategic plan which helps set clear and realistic objectives with measurable goals for your business. A plan can include a detailed communication strategy which in turn drives your advertising campaign perfectly too.

Developing a marketing plan requires time, research, commitment and strategic conceptualisation. At Strategise we have the time, experience and passion that will contribute to your business success.