Our strategic marketing plan approach

Business planning is essential for any business to achieve sustainable profitability and growth, a strategic marketing plan is an essential business plan for any business. The daily demands of running a business in a continually changing market can make finding the time to plan difficult. Our consulting process will assess the current state of your business and work with you to develop a comprehensive strategic marketing plan for accomplishing your business goals.

We'll work with you to define your business goals and develop an actionable strategic marketing plan for your business. Using a unique customised strategic framework, working with you to build your strategic plan through a top-down approach.

First, your goals and vision, next your marketing audit, is established to support the success of your idea, here we analyse your external business competitive environment, identifying key areas which affect your business. Your internal marketing audit analyses and identifies your key success factors, important in establishing which business strategies are best suited for your strategic marketing plan, next is your sustainable competitive advantage (what does your business own or have more of or do better than your competitors).  

We drill deep down into your 4 P's of marketing; product, price, place, promotion, there are more P's however the 4 P's stated build the foundation of your strategic marketing plan. If you have a service orientated business, we look at another set of P's, namely people, processes and proficiency. When all of these factors are analysed correctly we are able to deduce your business strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in a quantifiable way and finally, we highlight your business enablers and operational pieces that will act as the foundation for achieving your business goals, these populate your strategic marketing plan which in turn build a solid foundation for your communication strategy.

Your communication strategy is as important as your overall marketing plan, it's one thing positioning your business, brands and products for success but you need to make sure your outward communication is effective to support your plan across your targeted media channels and ensuring your advertising spend is targeted and effective in delivering results. A communication strategy is often overlooked but should be integrated into your strategic marketing plan. E.g: A company develops a new product and discovers the sustainable competitive advantage is it's technology to manufacture better than it's competitors and has more key success factors than it's competitors now your ability to execute your plan according to your projected sales targets and budgets will rely heavily on the ability to communicate. Find the advertising triggers which will allow your customers and consumers to quickly adopt your new product. What key product features will you target, what will yield more interest? Whats the sales pitch? Where will you advertise, duration and frequency? which advertising vehicles will yield best results? How compelling can you craft your advertising campaign? How can you make your business, brand or idea stand out?

If your business is looking at expanding internationally, you get a strategic plan which takes into account specific elements of that country you are intending to enter, it's laws, compliance's and barriers to market entry, how to distribute product, staff required, where should your warehouses be located for efficiency, what tools are required to change in your country of origin, how your advertising should be adapted for those countries and what product improvements are required to successfully compete against your new competitors. 

tactical planning for your marketing strategy plan's success

Guiding your marketing strategy plan into a tactical plan that will be implemented to make your vision a reality. Our process engages the key members of your team in planning operational projects and managing the availability of resources to gain employee buy-in. Since a tactical plan is a constantly evolving document, we will provide support for adjusting your tactics, KPI's and timelines so you are always pushing towards achieving your short and long-term goals. A organisation could have the perfect marketing plan and business strategy, however due to poor implementation across strategic business units could see the plan fail. Implementation is more important than the plan itself and a plan does nothing if it sits on a shelf.

strategic marketing plan performance management process

We partner with you to develop your performance management process from start to finish. Using the balanced scorecard framework, we align your vision and objectives from your strategic plan with your day-to-day business activities. We will outline the drivers for success and identify key performance indicators for measuring your progress. With a performance management process in place, your team becomes accountable for reaching targets and achieving business goals.

Take advantage of our experience and save your time, for your area of expertise. 

Our Standard Service Includes: 

  • Customised strategic business and marketing plans
  • A Free 1-hr no strings attached consultation
  • Minimum of 3 1-hr strategy/coaching sessions
  • Access to marketing material
  • A 3-month strategic review
  • Unlimited email access for advice and guidance
  • Operating countrywide

word-of-mouth content marketing strategy (viral/buzz marketing) 

Buzz Six viral marketing strategy


You have an idea, business, brand, product, service or even a message you want people to do something with it - one this is for certain, you want your audience to catch on. We can help you make your idea catch on, make it go viral and become contagious.

We all are bombarded with many messages, each day, everywhere. It is difficult for brand owners and entrepreneurs to get their idea, business, brand or message heard through thousands of marketing content messages each day, and often negative messages go viral. 

Most times it’s hard to pinpoint what will work and what won’t work, we can extract great insight into establishing the triggers of word of mouth (viral) marketing messages from Jonah Berger's groundbreaking work dubbed, the STEPPS principles on why things catch on. 

STEPPS creating viral marketing content

Buzz Six Social currency marketing strategy



When your consumers or any reader talk about your product or content or share it, what does it make them look like? It’s human nature to want to be perceived as the best. Does sharing your content, make them feel so? This is a question you need to ask yourself: What does your content make people feel?

Buzz Six Triggers marketing strategy



Building a brand is a process, it takes years and as we know it can also take 5 seconds to destroy a brand (often through viral marketing). You need to constantly build brand recall and give people something of a reminder of your brand existence naturally.

Buzz Six Emotion marketing strategy



Positive and negative emotions can both led to reactions and interest. Think of the South African mountain biker which was hit off his bike by a buck which received thousands of views and also got him a sponsored  bike and helmet for his video. We watch it because it is entertaining, and people have fun. We sell less and engage more!

Buzz Six Public marketing strategy



'Monkey see, monkey do'. We react to products and content in the public when we see others getting involved too. An interesting example is a computer logo on a laptop does not face the owner, but the observer. This is a carefully thought out strategy to invoke a reaction from the observer.    'I want one of those'.

Buzz Six Practical Value marketing strategy



Does your content meet or exceed your target audience's expectations? What is your content value in the minds of your consumer? Align content to what people are looking for.

Buzz Six Stories marketing strategy



A story sells, everyone loves to hear about the little company successfully competing against fortune 500 companies and winning or how a company started, a story needs to incorporate your brand in such a way that it feels natural. The story being the essence of its existence and personality.

You do not need to incorporate all the STEPPS principles but if you have a couple, it will help create a good foundation for your idea, business, brand or message to be heard, shared and stuck in the minds of your consumer.

what word-of-mouth content marketing can do for you

The methodology is ideally suited for all businesses alike, however, this strategic thinking is ideally suited for entrepreneurs and small business owners who do not have big budgets to get their idea, business or brand 'catch on' in the minds of consumers. We recommend this strategic thinking for South African business owners in today's economic climate, just imagine launching a new brand, marketing campaign or business after going through the framework? Correct imagine it, it will give your business, brand, marketing campaign or idea a better change to be heard and shared with word of mouth and via social media. Every business, product or brand has it's inner-remarkability just waiting to be found.

what can I do with Buzz Six word-of-mouth content strategy?

Buzz Six uses the STEPPS Principles to evaluate your existing marketing campaign's effectiveness or how contagious your business or message is right now and what do you need to change to leverage viral marketing potential. Buzz Six integrates the findings into your overall strategic approach and communication strategy document. 

  1. Incorporate Buzz Six into your existing business and marketing strategy. Make it part of your business culture.
  2. Test your existing communication strategy effectiveness before you launch it.
  3. Incorporate Buzz Six into your communication strategy from the start!
  4. Use word of mouth content strategy to launch your business.
  5. Create a safety campaign message which will stick in the minds of your stakeholders.

The uses are only limited to our imagination, you still need hard work and all the other factors which make a business succeed but it does give your business or marketing strategy core message a checklist and a strategic plan to benchmark against.

where do we start?

We start with a no obligation free consultation, either in person or via Skype, Telephone or email. Then we use our framework to drill deep down into your 6 STEPPS, then we evaluate and test the results. Once the framework is completed and signed off we integrate the findings into your business via your strategic marketing plan. As mentioned before we can integrate the findings directly into your strategic marketing plan and especially your communication strategy.

Marketing Strategy Fused with a viral marketing strategy

When you're in maturity, increased competition and limited marketing budget to play with, here is a guide on how strategy can work for you with this practical guide.

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