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To create an effective strategic marketing plan, you must have the ability to seize new opportunities with calculated precision, establish your brand's connection with your customers in today's exponential progressive age with a marketing strategy that will get the job done.

Whether you are innovating new products, entering new markets, defending your market position, creating new sales channels or wanting to be more customer centric, you need to start with a great strategy.

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Have A Clear Vision


You have to know exactly where you are and want to go. Your destination has to be clear so you can create a detailed strategy and have the ability to anticipate which competitors will get in your way.

Without a clear vision of your destination, you can’t fully prepare for the road ahead and set a clear direction to grow.

Think Big

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Not only is important to have a clear vision of your goals, but you have to make sure your goals are big and ‘smart’ enough. Companies can be very conservative in their vision for the future. Without having ambitious goals your company will always perform at a mediocre level. Like a personal trainer, we are here to make sure that you push past your limits and strive for greatness.

Putting The Plan Together

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Creating an effective strategy you must have the ability to put everything you have together and create a strategy that will get the job done. Know where you’re going, with which marketing vehicles you have to get you there. We help you create your roadmap that will get you to your destination using the shortest route possible. Speed to market prevails, because competitors cannot keep up. By the time your competitors have adapted you will be far ahead to catch up.

Create Great Tactics

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Tactics are your individual marketing weapons of choice, that you will deploy at different times of the strategy. Not only will we utilise your best assets but we will also give you tools and resources that your competitors never thought of.


The 7-Step Strategic Consulting Approach

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Without a strategy, you may as well be lost at sea with no direction. A strategy is your compass and direction toward profitable growth.
— Dylan Miller

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Why is Strategy so Important?

A strategy is a long-term forward thinking directional approach of identifying specific objectives your business requires to be successful.

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It identifies your competitive advantages, unique selling proposition, key performance indicators and is a fundamental tool for creating a golden thread and synergy between your competitive elements, business objectives, resources owned or required and the planning required to achieve your goals.

It is a ‘living document’ with constant change required in order to stay relevant towards your customers and your market in the fast paced 4th industrial revolution.

Creating value for business owners and stakeholders. Its your directional compass.

8 Step Marketing Plan Framework for Medium-Size Business

  1. Purpose (Determine your purpose and vision)

  2. Research Market (Identify opportunities and threats)

  3. Analyse Organisation (Identify strengths and weaknesses)

  4. Calculate (confront your SWOT and quantify)

  5. Assess (Report on findings of preceding step and analyse)

  6. Marketing Strategy (Design your marketing strategy)

  7. Marketing Mix (Draft your marketing mix)

  8. Operational Marketing Plan (operational implementation and auditing)

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Steps 4 through to step 8 are a logical consequence of another. The conclusions from the preceding steps provide input for the following steps. Your marketing plan gets built step by step where the underlying steps provide the foundation for the next step. It is a calculation and not speculation which drives our results.

The end result being an operational marketing plan to roll out your strategic marketing plan with planned moments to audit its effectiveness and implement continuous improvement.

4th Industrial Revolution Solved

You’ve heard the buzz word ‘4th industrial revolution right? Whether you have or not, this video explains the progressive and exponentially dynamic times we are living in right now! Be prepared and make your next strategy work for you.

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