We create new opportunities with calculated precision to establish your brand's connection with your customers in today's exponential progressive age with a strategic marketing Plan.

Whether you are innovating new products, entering new markets, defending your market position, creating new sales channels or wanting to be more customer centric, you need to start with a good foundation and a marketing strategy which progresses to a comprehensive strategic marketing plan. 

We partner with you to generate the strategic market insights required and provide you with the infrastructure and plan of attack to keep moving forward.

After your marketing strategy is finalised, our clients opt for our hands on Marketing Director on Call service to implement your strategy, long term.

Why is a marketing strategy so important?

A marketing strategy is a long-term forward thinking directional approach of identifying specific objectives your business requires to be fulfilled.

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It identifies your sustainable competitive advantage, unique selling proposition, key performance indicators and is a fundamental tool for creating a golden thread and synergy between your competitive elements, business objectives, resources owned or required, goals and plans to be achieved.

A marketing strategy is a living document with constant change required in order to stay ahead of competitive challenges.

Creating value for stakeholders. Its your directional compass.

Why should I create a marketing plan?

Our hands-on approach is geared towards helping your business realise its full potential to grow, with a marketing plan. A marketing plan is a comprehensive 'tactical' marketing plan which describes how you are going to market your business. A planning document which entails both traditional and digital marketing efforts, required to generate your marketing and strategic objectives. 

We stay up-to date with the latest trends and best strategic practices for B2B and B2C businesses, with the experience of Strategise, your next marketing strategy must be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time based

Speak to us about Hyper personalisation, increasing demand with a hassle map, lean business models, hyper customer centricity and how to create disruption in your industry so you can thrive. 

Our Strategic marketing plan approach

A Marketing strategy is essential for any business to achieve sustainable profitability and growth, a strategic marketing plan is essentially a strategic business plan, with a 'golden thread', matching your capabilities with your business objectives perfectly. The daily demands of running a business in a continually changing market environment can make finding the time to plan difficult.

That's why our 8 Step consulting process will research, analyse, identify, assess and report your current and future position, to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy and marketing operational plan with the 'golden thread' required for accomplishing your business goals profitably and on time.

A Marketing Strategy leads to a Marketing Plan which is Implemented for Success.

8 Step Marketing Strategy Framework


Marketing Strategy Roadmap

  1. Purpose (Determine your purpose and vision)
  2. Research Market (Identify opportunities and threats)
  3. Analyse Organisation (Identify strengths and weaknesses)
  4. Calculate (confront your SWOT and quantify)
  5. Assess (Report on findings of preceding step and analyse) 
  6. Marketing Strategy (Design your marketing strategy)
  7. Marketing Mix (Draft your marketing mix)
  8. Operational Marketing Plan (operational implementation and auditing )

Step 4 through to step 8 are a logical consequence of another. The conclusions from the preceding steps provide input for the following steps. Your marketing plan gets built step by step where the underlying steps provide the foundation for the next step. Therefore it is critical to calculate and not speculate during the process, or you won't have a sound base to work from.

The end result being an operational marketing plan to roll out your marketing strategy with planned moments to audit its effectiveness.

Without a marketing strategy, you may as well be lost at sea with no direction. A strategy is your compass and direction toward profitable growth.
— Dylan Miller

Our Performance management process

We partner with you to develop your performance management process from start to finish. We work with you hand in hand to establish the drivers for success and identify key performance indicators (KPIs) for measuring your progress.

When you have a performance management process in place, your team becomes accountable for reaching your marketing strategy goals during their day-to-day work, and your marketing strategy becomes a live, working and manageable document.

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Strategic marketing plan consultation: 

  • Customised marketing strategy.
  • Customised marketing plans.
  • Applied business trends, strategic direction, six sigma and innovation applied.
  • Minimum of 4 1-hr strategy/ coaching sessions to get started.
  • Full 1-3 day Strategic workshop events held with stakeholders.
  • Access to marketing material.
  • Unlimited email access for advice and guidance.
  • A 3-month strategic review.
  • Or we'll help you implement it long-term as an extension to your existing marketing department.
  • Operating countrywide in South Africa.

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